Why “Bonneville?”

When selecting an appropriate name for a Utah chapter of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, we needed something that spoke to both the local history and the legendary auto brand. There are three things that come to mind when thinking of an Alfa, it’s beauty, the brand’s storied 110 year history, and it’s consistent commitment to speed. Utah has an important connection to all of these.

BEAUTY “La Bellezza”

Utah is well known for it’s majestic beauty and incredible scenery. The state is home to five of the United States’ national parks and it’s towering mountains, red rocks, and natural wonders are world renowned. Our mountains are home to some of the best skiing in the world and our southern sandstone landscape captivates hikers, bicyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts. In a word, “beautiful” just like an Alfa Romeo.

History “La Storia”

What some might not know about Utah is that it was once the home to a massive prehistoric lake. “Lake Bonneville” covered most of the state and all that remains today is our Great Salt Lake. The waters of Lake Bonneville covered not only most of Utah, but dipped into both Southern Idaho, and Eastern Nevada.

Our chapter is focused on supporting “Alfisti” in Utah but also our bordering neighbors. This is the area that once was covered by Lake Bonneville. It’s also a geographic island with large distances between metropolitan centers. The state capitol, Salt Lake City is quite isolated, with at least a five hours to drive to the next major city.

SPEED “La Velocità”

Located on the far western side of the Great Salt Lake is the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats. This great expanse of incredible white landscape has been home to daredevils looking to defy physics. Drivers come from all over the world to test their ingenuity, innovation, and physical strength to set records. Known as the “The World’s Fastest Place,” nowhere else have so many speed records been set as at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Our chapter focuses on celebrating the wonderful speed, the incredible beauty, and remarkable history surrounding the amazing brand of Alfa Romeo. We welcome enthusiasts for the brand whether you own an Alfa or not. If you love Alfas, you are an “Alfisti” and are welcome to join us for one of our meetups, connect with us here online, and join our chapter.